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Design consultation services with Sharp Carpet


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A design consultation is the gateway to a beautiful floor

When you come into Sharp Carpet’s showroom, an initial design consultation can set the course for new flooring that meets your all requirements. Of course you can choose your floor by yourself, but using a professional design consultant can open your eyes to possibilities that you never thought of and you end up selecting!

Although you can meet up with a designer when you come to the store, it might save you time to call ahead to make an appointment.

What to bring to the design consultation

In order to jump-start your meeting with the designer, it will be helpful if you bring along:
  • Rough measurement of the space being floored
  • If possible, take some photos with your phone to show your consultant
  • Clips from magazines or websites that represent what you want or your style
  • Samples of paint and fabric that will be part of the renewed room’s décor; if it’s easier, bring in a cushion or a pillow instead of a swatch
Flooring Design Consultation in Birmingham, AL from Sharp Carpet + Hardwood & Tile

During the design consultation

When you first meet, you and your consultant will go over details about your budget household, number of children and pets, use and activity in the room, why you want a new floor, etc. Armed with this information, your consultant will work with you to select products that fit with your requirements. Your designer will also go over with you the support materials, like padding or waterproof membranes, required for the installation.

You might be surprised with some of the selections your designer brings forth. Keep an open mind; there are many new and improved flooring choices available. Ask to take samples of your favorite flooring home with you to live with them for a few days.

Moving on from the design consultation

Your design consultant can shepherd your flooring project through to completion. Lining up delivery, scheduling installation, and working with you on the final approval, is all points that your consultant can manage. Available in Homewood, Birmingham, Calera, Jefferson County, and Shelby County, Sharp Carpet’s design consultation service frees you to anticipate and enjoy your new floor without a worry.