Our back porch overlooking Lay Lake was covered in carpet in 2004 when Champion Windows enclosed the space.  Our guys installed plywood over the spaced deck boards and we covered the underside of the space with plastic and insulation.  New carpet went in and I was happy to keep it that way forever.
   Being married however, I had to change my mind last year since my wife, Sheila, fell in love with Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) from Moduleo (Embellish, Highland hickory  We ripped up my favorite carpet and installed what I thought might be a less comfortable LVP.  Wow, was I surprised. 
   I discovered immediately how warm and soft feeling the new vinyl planks felt.  I did not expect to love my new floor so quickly and so deeply.
   Luxury Vinyl Plank  or tile is much softer than hardwood or ceramic or porcelain tile.  It is less slippery and can be cleaned with just about anything....For you Swiffer lovers out there.  You can sweep it off easily and furniture just glides across it for easy moving.
   LVP has a high quality picture of wood right below the clear surface.  For added realism, the manufacturers are now adding texture (including knot holes, etc.) to most of the better styles.  Many are completely waterproof.....all are scratch resistant.....they are being used in commercial and residential installations. 
   At Sharp Carpet's Homewood location we installed one of the cheapest LVT's in our front entry 5 years ago to see how it performs.  You should see it. No scratches, no permanent stains.....looks basically brand new even though it is in the busiest path in our busy store.
   At the ToothBud dental office next to our Calera store, there is a residential 6mm LVP installed.  12mm was recommended for commercial installations, but the less expensive option has performed unbelievably well.  Stop by and see it and tell Dr. Bradford we said hello.
   I will post some pictures in the Gallery for you to see.
   Well, I'll sign off for now.  Thanks for listening.  Richard Wann, Sharp Carpet.